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An Incredible, New Income Strategy

Our unique strategy is unlike anything you have seen... and it consistently finds income stocks that beat the market.

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The Top Income Investments for 2021

Learn why these stocks are positioned for immediate growth and will deliver a consistent yield for years to come.

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Cutting Edge Analysis & Recommendations

Utilize Rick's 6-step selection process combined with our proprietary OSI system to uncover top recommendations.

Rick’s 6 Step Selection for Quality Income Stocks:

This six step strategy was developed based on more than 30 years of investing experiences trying to determine the attributes of what makes a successful stock selection. We’ve boiled those attributes down to six easy to understand steps:

  1. The business needs to operate in an industry that is healthy and growing.
  2. The business itself needs to be successful and growing.
  3. There needs to be a long-term track record of paying (and preferably growing) a dividend.
  4. The dividend payout ratio should not be higher than 60%.
  5. The company needs to be run by a well-respected CEO.
  6. The balance sheet needs to be healthy, with no more than a reasonable amount of long-term debt.

What is the Objective Strength Indicator (OSI) System?

“The Objective Strength Indicator”, or OSI for short, is our own proprietary benchmark created from a weighted average of all major indices and several thousand stocks.
And when we are able to combine that many factors as our benchmark, identifying the objective strength of an individual stock becomes achievable.

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