Your Road to Investing Success Starts Here.

Becoming a successful investor is the best way to create wealth and achieve the financial goals you always dreamed of.

The problem is, learning to invest can be confusing, overwhelming and not relevant to your goals and interests.

  • Custom Tools that Help you Optimize Your Financial Future
  • 5 Course, Easy-to-Understand, Investing Masterclass
  • Hand-picked, Ready to Invest, 20 stock Portfolios

If this sounds like you…

“I want to start investing, but I have no idea where to begin...”

“I tried to learn to invest, but instantly got lost in all of the jargon...”

“I’m afraid I’m going to get overwhelmed and lose my money as soon as I start investing...”

“How can I be sure that my investments are going to help me achieve my financial goals...”

Wealthplicity Has a Solution...

At Wealthplicity, we have created a simple, interactive, investment education experience that puts you in position to achieve your financial goals when you want to.

Our mission is to give investors, young and old, a real shot at financial independence. We have created an experience that shows you:

How to Invest

Our five-course, interactive investing masterclass takes you from the basics of investing all the way through advanced strategies and options trading.

What to Invest In

We give you a hand-picked, ready to invest, 20 stock investment portfolio, designed by our Head of Investment Strategy. These stocks are poised to return gains for years to come while limiting your exposure to risk. Learn More

Why You are Investing

Successful investing starts with knowing your goals. Our custom built, Financial Independence Calculator allows you to seamlessly create your financial goals on the timeline of your choosing. The system then shows you the most efficient path to achieve

Tom Lauman

What Makes Us So Qualified to Help You Achieve your Investing Goals?

Meet Our Head of Investment Strategy: Tom Lauman

Tom Lauman spent 26 years as Managing Director of Stifel Financial, one of the largest investment firms in the country. Tom is bringing his decades of investing knowledge to Wealthplicity to provide new investors a real path to financial freedom through investing.

“There is a right way to invest and a wrong way. We are here to give people the insights and knowledge needed to invest the right way for the rest of their lives.”

– Tom

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There is just so much that the Wealthplicity Memebership has to offer... including:

  • Interactive, Five-course Learn-to-Invest Masterclass taking you from the basics of investing to options trading
  • Early Investor All-Star Portfolio comprised of 20, great ready to invest stocks
  • Over 8 hours of amazing investment education content
  • Quizzes, certificates, and special reports available for download
  • Mobile-friendly platform lets you access your class on-the-go
  • Early access to future courses, including Real Estate Investing, Crypto Currency, and Start-Up investing coming in late 2021
  • New, weekly stock picks sent directly to your inbox from our Head of Investment Strategy
  • Sell-alerts to protect your investments
  • Monthly mail-bag to answer your most pressing investing questions
  • Members-only news, analysis and insights


You gain access to ALL of this, plus the Early Investor's All-Star Portfolio. This will provide you with a solid foundation to build a consistent portfolio year over year! Cancel at any time. No obligation necessary. Start your path towards financial success today!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

As a Member of Wealthplicity You Get Access to…

With a Wealthplicity Membership, you get the knowledge of investment experts and our proprietary data-driven algorithm right at your finger tips. We help you take the guesswork out of investing.

Wealthplicity University (over a $300 value!)

Full access to our five-course "Learn to Invest" curriculum that will take you from the basics of investing to how to open your first brokerage, and into the realm of trading options.

The Early Investors All-star Portfolio

The Early Investors All-Star Portfolio

Our handpicked, Early Investor All-Star model portfolio is ready for you to download and invest. Comprised of 15 stocks, this portfolio targets long-term gains, with minimal risk.

Stock Sell Alerts

Sell alerts for stocks that have fallen out of favor, so you can rest easy knowing your picks are protected.

Stock Picks

Our Head of Investment Strategy will send you hot new stock recommendations as the market shifts.

Members-only Insights

Gain access to a members-only Insights area of Gain additional news insights and analysis on market trends directly from our experts.

Peak Into Our Experts Mailbag

Our Head of Investment Strategy will respond to the most pressing questions received surrounding the markets, investing and current financial events.

Future Wealthplicity University Courses

Because we want you to always be learning more about investing, as we release new Wealthplicity University courses you will gain instant access.

New Tools and Information

As a Wealthplicity Member, you will be the first to know when we are rolling out new tools, ideas and analysis!

As a Member of Wealthplicity, Gain Access to Our "Learn to Invest" Five-Course Bundle... a $225 value!

The Wealthplicity University Investment Education Experience teaches you the basics of investing through advanced options trading in a comprehensive, fun and easy-to-understand five course curriculum. Filled with interactive tools, quizzes, and more, you’ll walk away equipped with the confidence to start building wealth in the stock market today.

Our Curriculum Includes…

Course 1

Understand Who You Are As An Investor

In this course, you’ll learn who you are as an investor. This course is less about learning about investing and more about what your risk tolerance and goals are as an investor. After all, learning why you are investing is just as important as learning how to invest.

Experience Level:



Course 2

Understanding Investing and The Stock Market

This course begins with the basics. You will get a comprehensive look at investing and the Stock Market and walk away with a deep understanding of how the market works. This will include descriptions on the basics of indices, industries, sectors, what moves the market and much more.

Experience Level:



Course 3

How to Start

Now, let’s start having fun. After completing the first two courses, you should have a great foundation on which to build. This course will walk you through everything you need to know to start investing. At the end of the course, you will be ready to open a portfolio and have the confidence to manage it properly.

Experience Level:

Some Knowledge


Late 2021

Course 4

Becoming The
Active Investor

This course takes the basics and moves to a whole new level. You will get a comprehensive look at investing and the Stock Market and walk away with a deep understanding of how the market works.

Experience Level:



Late 2021

Course 5

Advanced Strategies and Options Trading

Trading options can be incredibly exciting and profitable, if done right. For those who don’t take the time to learn to trade options the right way, the results can be catastrophic. We will provide a high level view of what options trading is and how it can be applied to make money in the markets.

Experience Level:



Gain Access to Our "Early Investor's All-Star Portfolio"

We know that getting started is the hardest part of investing. So we created The Early Investor All-star Portfolio as a foundation to jump right into a balanced approach to investing.

The goal for this portfolio is to provide wealth creation with reduced risk. A blending of twenty value and growth stocks with understandable and recognizable track records, products and industry potential will form the structure of the overall portfolio.

This portfolio was developed as a tool for new investors to build a solid foundation for market knowledge and investing insight.

This Portfolio is Comprised of Stocks in Four Segments:

Buy What You Know

Disruptors & Innovators

Impact & Esg

Protect the Downside

The Early Investor's All-Star Portfolio

Get Stock Sell Alerts For Our Model Portfolio

The stock market fluctuates on a daily basis. Rest assured knowing that your investments are safe with our Stock Sell Alerts.

We keep close tabs on our model portfolio and ensure that you will receive stop-loss email alerts if our experts anticipate a downward trend in the markets.

Take the worry and risk out of your portfolio as you are just getting started into the world of investing.

Get Stock Picks Straight From Our Experts

Allow our resident experts do the heavy lifting and research for you. We are constantly searching for additional assets to add to your developing portfolio.

We search through sectors where we see potential growth while mitigating the risk of volatile stocks. These recommendations will follow closely the strategy we outline with our Early Investor’s All-Star Portfolio. We will never send you recommendations or suggestions that we ourselves aren’t investing in.

Get Access to Our Members-Only Insights

Weekly, we send a general update on the status of the market and events that are shaping the market. Our Insights offer a deeper dive into financial news stories from around the globe that could impact your investments.

This is all the financial news that matters, right at your finger tips. Allow us to keep you up-to-date on global markets so you better understand the markets.

Get a Peak Into Our Expert’s Mailbag

Our Head of Investment Strategy gets emails all of the time asking him wide-ranging questions surrounding current events, stock terminology, stock movement and everything in between. Benefit from his knowledge as he picks the most pressing and often-asked questions, and sends his responses straight to you. It’s like getting to login to his email and see answers to the questions that everyone wants to know.

Always Be The First To Know…

Since we are always expanding our tools and Wealthplicity University course curriculum, there will always be new added benefits to being a Wealthplicity Member.

While always being the first to know about our upcoming events, new financial tools and information, you will also be able to access any new Wealthplicity University financial education courses. In addition to the five we currently offer, we plan to release courses on cryptocurrency investing, real estate investing and dividend investing very soon! All of these will be included in your membership.

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  • Full Access to Wealthplicity University and ALL New Courses
  • Our handpicked, Early Investor All-Star model portfolio
  • Stock Sell Alerts
  • New Stock Picks
  • Members-Only Insights
  • Access to Our Experts Mailbag
  • Access to New Tools and Information Before the General Public