Course 3

How to Start Investing

Some Knowledge

Now, let’s start having fun. After completing the first two courses, you should have a great foundation on which to build. This course will walk you through everything you need to know to start investing properly. We’ll walk through three different approaches to investing: do it yourself, using a financial advisor, or a robo-advisor.

We’ll also show you what to look for when opening a brokerage and some of our favorites on the market today.

Course Requirements:

  • Wealthplicity University Courses 1 & 2 to understand your risk tolerance and a basic understanding of the stock market
  • Some form of electronic device that has a screen and internet connection

The Course at a Glance:

1.5 hours of video

7 downloadable resources


Lifetime Access

Desktop and mobile access

Certificate of Completion

Course Lessons:

Lesson 1

The Power of Compounding Interest

  • The Magic of Compounding Interest
  • A Brief History of Compounding Interest
  • Investing > Savings
  • Compound Interest in Action

Lesson 2

Finding the Right Brokerage

  • Managing Your Own Portfolio
  • What a Financial Advisor Does for You
  • Robo-Advising
  • Pros and Cons of Each
  • What to Look for in a Brokerage
  • Our Favorite Investment Apps

Lesson 3

Managing Your 401(k)

  • Making Money Managing Your 401(k)
  • Options You Have Managing your 401(k)
  • Rules For Withdrawals and Roll-overs

Lesson 4

The Importance of Balance and Diversification

  • What is Balance in a Portfolio?
  • The Many Ways to Diversify a Portfolio
  • How to Not Over-diversify
  • The Importance of Having Both

Lesson 5

Opening Your First Portfolio

  • Review of The Early Investor’s All-Star Portfolio
  • A Study in Composition

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Course 1

Understanding Who You Are as An Investor



Course 2

Understanding Investing and The Stock Market



Course 3

How to Start Investing

Some Knowledge


November 2021

Course 4

Making Serious Money For the Serious Investor



November 2021

Course 5

Learning to Trade Options



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