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M1 Finance

Our Rating:


M1 Finance is an excellent investment app for active and early investors. It takes a unique approach to investing where the user creates “Pies" out of a selection of stocks, bonds, or funds. They can also create Pies based on Expert Pies in a variety of categories, including, General Investing, Planning for Retirement, Hedge Fund Followers

best for:

beginning investors, active Investors, robo advising


  • Very low fees and straightforward fee structure
  • Evolving features such as lending and high APY checking
  • Broad access to stocks and funds
  • Robo-advising features
  • Great usability on desktop and mobile


  • Limited research and education
  • No access to financial advising


Our Rating:


The original Robo-Advisor, Betterment has evolved their features and technology to remain the best on the market. Great for beginner investors and those who want a one stop shop for managing their finances. Betterment features include high-yield savings, mobile checking, auto-balancing investments, tax-loss harvesting, and a solid rate of return.

best for:

beginners, hands-off investors, robo advising


  • Hands-off investing with solid rate of return
  • High-Yield Savings Account
  • Good app usability
  • Auto-balancing of portfolios
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Good customer support, especially at premium package
  • No minimum investment required
  • Decent fees


  • Lack of access to different investment strategies
  • Some important info can be difficult to find (rate of return)


Our Rating:


Yieldstreet provides alternative investment opportunities but provides crowdfunded loans that feature short-term debt offerings secured by commercial or multi-family real estate.

best for:

Passive Real Estate Investors or Crowdfunding Investors


  • Low Min investment
  • Low fees
  • Diversity of assets


  • Primarily for accredited investors
  • Poor usability on app
  • Fee structure a little confusing
  • Low on due diligence

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